Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines sell maximum relevance and depend on publishers to provide Genuine Content.

What does this mean exactly? Put simply, the search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN… want you to optimize your site. Optimization is not the process of manipulating the algorithms that determine placement or rank, but rather making sure your site is indexed according to the information you present, and “optimized” for maximum relevance.

Why Relevance is Key

Relevance is the key to everything search related, be it the ad copy of your PPC, your Meta tags, your content, everything about your site. The more relevant the sites on a search engine are, the happier the user is, and the more likely they will come back.

The search engines care about search engine optimization, as the number of loyal or regular visitors determines the value of a search engine, not it’s profitability. Google represents the majority of searches, because the users believe they get a larger percentage of relevant listings, per search performed.

You care about search engine optimization, because a higher ranking means a better chance of being seen by those looking to by your products or services.

How SEO (Search Engine Optimization) usually works

SEO services are typically paid as a one time setup and a monthly “maintenance fee”. The process generally takes 3 months at a minimum to show results good or bad.

During this time your SEO team will attempt to improve the following areas of your site:

  • Determine which keywords to optimize on. This is called Keyword Analyses
  • Maximize the number of times your key words appear in your page and site. This is called key word frequency.
  • Maximize the percentage of your total content your keywords comprise. This is called key word density.
  • Maximize the number of relevant links going out to sites, and in from sites. This is called link sharing.
  • Adjust your Meta tags to include the key words you want to be indexed on.
  • Checking and adjusting the load time of your site.
  • Checking for broken links.
  • Monitoring your PageRank. This is the name of Google’s patented algorithm, that determines the overall score of your web site. PageRank is to your web site rank, what your Fico score is to your credit. Like a Fico score, hundreds of factors are taken into account, before a score is given.

There are 100’s of factors or criteria the search engine algorithms look at to determine your ranking, these are just a few of the more obvious. There are other factors you may not even think of such as how many years your domain is registered for, whether your server IP address has a history of spam from a previous owner, etc.

Beware of shortcuts, there is no easy way to the top.

There are also shortcuts designed to deceive the search engines, employed by many unknowledgeable or intentionally manipulative so-called SEO Gurus. These strategies include:

  • Cloaking
  • Link spamming and Spamdexing
  • Hidden Text

Worse still a new threat is surfacing where where these same aggressive techniques can be used against your website with sites that are blacklisted by Google or otherwise unliked, a competitor can knock you off of Google altogether.

If you are caught using these techniques on your site or a competitors,, you will be caught, and you will be permanently blacklisted from what is currently the largest directory in the world.

A Better Way

In the end where you rank is determined by the search engines not the people you place in charge of your web site or SEO, and thus nobody in good conscience can promise results as it simply is not up to them-hard as they may try for you.

We believe this philosophy is flawed. Our solution is to provide you with a combination of:

  • No Cost SEO Tools
  • Content Development Service
  • Press Release copy and legitimate back links

Built into your PPC campaign is a keyword analysis, so we know we are starting in the right place. The philosophy is simple, nobody knows your business as well as you, so you are the best possible person to optimize your site. The tools are free and have been used successfully by countless companies to dramatically improve their ranking in as little as 1 month. We will do our best to instruct you as to how to use the tools, with newsletters, articles and tutorials.