PPC Management

Who's watching your campaign?

Success begins with a properly managed and monitored Pay Per Click campaign that is constantly monitored to most importantly, determine which keywords are the highest conversion keywords. Without knowing conversion, SEO and other forms of SEM are useless. We consider the PPC management, monitoring, and testing phase to be the first phase because without knowing conversion, SEO and other forms of SEM are useless. Maximizing Click Through Rates Without testing multiple Pay Per Click ad copies on a constant basis, you may not be achieving the best Click Through Rate. This may not seem critical on the surface but in practice, higher Click Through Rates will bring you more customers - cheaper.

Why Outsource your campaign management?

PPC is a dynamic activity that requires constant monitoring. Search term pricing changes constantly. In addition, every PPC service operates by different, sometimes changing, rules. Shift attention away from your campaign for even second, and you can easily lose position or overspend your budget. As a result of the interplay of these factors as well as industry competition, budget, and ad copy, it is easy for someone lacking expertise in PPC marketing to overspend or to poorly craft a PPC campaign. This can easily result in a (sometimes disastrous) waste of money, time, and effort. Our process eliminates these pitfalls, ensures a profitable campaign and leaves you free to manage your business

  • Daily Monitoring of a pay per click campaign in various search engines by your team of professionals who are working to achieve your specific campaign goals.
  • Keyword Building/Expansion. Our team brainstorms with each other along with the client to produce thousands of specific keywords.
  • Bid Managment on a daily level it is a necessity in order to stay on top of changes that will effect your campaign performance.
  • Custom Ad Copy, Continuous Split Testing of ads to assure maximum ROI and maintain optimum Click Through Rates.
  • Custom Banners for Content Campaigns. These banner campaigns are used on content related sites who have partnered with Google.
  • Return on Investment Analysis. The most crucial aspect of your entire marketing expierence is this analysis. Are you making money? Is there Cash Flow? Are you getting leads? Our second to none monitoring and reporting systems give you charts that you can evaluate at a glance.
  • Time Zone and Georgraphic Campaigns. Are you looking to market in a certain region of the world, we can pinpoint campaigns down to certain parts of states or cities.
  • Keyword Analysis Allows us to pinpoint the keywords that are bringing you the best results so that when you seek to optimize your web site in the natural listings, the keywords you will work to optimize will be tested well in advance.


Truly effective PPC Management, is complex. The nature of our services is that every aspect of your campaign is custom tailored to you and your industry. Just like no one set strategy or campaign applies across the board, no one price applies to all business. Your business is unique, and our strategy to increase your ROI and the price associated reflect that. Some companies may have a limited marketing budget, and not opt for every solution we offer, and in this circumstance pricing starts at 25% of what you want to contribute towards your campaign.

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