Tracking and Reports

Guess work in the digital world is careless and translates to waste. Without monitoring every critical element of your campaign, you are losing your edge in the online market.

Clicks don’t make you money, sales do.

Most tracking systems in use today track hits and visitors, page views, and often referring URL’s or websites. This begs the question, how much is a click worth if it doesn’t convert to a sale? Measuring the performance of the keywords you pay for is of paramount importance. Our proprietary tracking and analytics systems arm your company, with robust information like:

  • How long does the average visitor stay on your site?
  • How many pages does the average visitor read?
  • How much time is spent on each page of your site?
  • What percentage of your clicks make contact via phone, email, or web submission / signup forms?
  • What percentage of your clicks, convert to a sale?

We compile this information on a keyword by keyword basis, so you can see through graphical trends which keywords are the most cost effective, and most important, which keyword combinations are helping you realize Premium ROI.

Cross Search Portal Pay Per Click Cost Analysis

Our tracking and analytics will breakdown by keyword, every action of every visitor. These factors might vary from search engine to search engine. We believe for the most part that a click is a commodity. Our motto is that a click is a click is a click… If your company sells sewing thimbles as an example, and let’s say somebody goes to a search engine and types: “sewing thimbles for sale” you want that person right? Do you care if they come from Yahoo, Google, or MSN? Do you care where they come from? Of course not. The search engine your customers come from often has little or no bearing on the likelihood of them becoming buyers.

Most companies that see dramatic shifts in ROI from search engine to search engine, are experiencing something akin to good luck on one portal and bad luck on another. We don’t rely on luck, intuition, or the good graces of the Google Gods-we believe in mathematics, empirical process, and dollar for dollar tracking and analysis.

We employ a patent pending process called Click Value Indexing, which automatically weights your ad dollars towards the best priced clicks on each search engine. As the patent for Click Value Indexing is still pending, more information about the service is available by contacting a company representative.

Search Enine Ranking trend on the major portals

Once you know which keywords based on our dollar for dollar tracking, are providing the best ROI, it’s time to look at natural rankings in addition to your managed PPC campaign.

A critical first step in SEO is determining which words are worth optimizing on. A common mistake in search engine optimization is attempting to improve ranking on words that sound good, rather than words that were determined through tracking. Once again, mathematics, empirical process, and dollar for dollar tacking trump gut and intuition every time.

Our Dashboard SEO tools are free for you to use and will help you monitor your ranking across the search portals. This data can be compiled at your own preset intervals, to provide critical trending information to watch your ascension towards the coveted page 1 of results.

Variable Landing Page Conversion Analysis

Most sites polled, report that 80% of visitors leave the page the home page they click through to inside of 5 seconds. Your home page is your greeting and introduction. It is your initial sales pitch to hook your customers. If most of your customers are leaving you want to know. More importantly, you need to know how to minimize these losses.

There is hope. Just like you can use variable ad copy in Google Adwords to test and prioritize different ads on Google, we apply the principle to your entire home page. We will build variations of your home page and test them. Based on the actual conversaion rate and bounce off rate of your home page, it is elevated to priority status or downgraded and eventually thrown out if conversion decreases or remains stagnant.

This natural selection process ensures that only the strong home pages survive.

Competition Analysis (SEO and Creative)

It has been said that the best way to be successful, is watch others who are successful and mimic them. There are few better examples of this belief than as it relates to search rank. What are the successful companies in your industry or field doing differently to enjoy high ranking, and strong conversions? You need to know, and we will find out for you.

We analyze the optimization strategy, keywords, and content of your biggest competitors to determine what they are doing differently. We then take this information and apply as much as possible to your site and it’s SEO strategy, so that we merge what makes you unique with what we know works to creative a creative and custom strategy that works for you.