About Premium ROI

What makes us different?

Premium ROI is much more than yet another Internet marketing company. We are a collection of companies and bright minds from across the U.S. and around the world, with experience in contextual marketing, PPC, SEO, web design, and application programming, and even a nuclear physicist, with the intention of bringing together these unique talents and past successes to create a holistic approach to Internet marketing. We combine empirical process, mathematics, and patent pending innovations to improve the search experience for the user, and help our clients achieve their maximum ROI potential.

Market Exclusivity

We don’t specialize in any one niche market, our client list varies from biometric time clocks, to pet cremation urns, to state universities, to Fortune 500 companies. One of the reasons we are so varied in our client base is that we have a philosophy that it is better to serve one client per industry and direct all our efforts and talents towards helping that one company be successful. For every niche market we pledge to provide one company with total exclusivity, so you will never have to wonder if our interests conflict. We are a results oriented service, and we are in it to help each of our clients over the long term.

We work with the search engines not against them in the hopes of improving the search experience, and making the Internet more powerful, and more effective for the world.