Actively in use concepts include:
  1. url redirection a'la bitly : 2004
  2. Hyperbanner HTML 1.1 Profile/Local Listing Card concept with social buttons :2006
  3. HTML5 ads/banner/hyperbanner concepts and production :2013 to present
  4. Frames/Live Ad Injection/Offsite Remote Triggers, 'unsafe-eval' fun! : 2005 to present
  5. Cross Origin Injection for Child Frame I/O : present
  6. SMS and Voice Automated Support feat. Natural Language Intel :2013 to present
  7. Intelligent Call routing w/unique Distributed highcapacity edge cache CDN for scaled use :2013 [above] with sign in Dash Custom Charting messaging center Full UI, very slick especiallly with brand new UI's:2013
  8. Federated Analytics and Cross Agency User Intel For Government And Enterprise Usage : 2013 to present
  9. Lead generation and more : 2006 to present
  10. Live Ad Injection
  11. web aps and cross platform modern mobile apps in most languages : 2013 to present
  12. hosted browser extensions : 2005 to present

    Demos range from:
  1. responsive examples that pre-date the word
  2. rtc 5 years before it beta'd in browsers
  3. Mutating Code Engine based Worm (concept only absolutely no dist.) Stealth Worm spawns unique children without traceable codeblock, mutating virus framework with other applications. x86 Intel binary, assembled with MASM); without repeating code only heuristic scanning to find;
  4. Intelligent Evolving Command Framework learns new voice commands. Insert a CD, fills in frm CDDB a custom UI and the tracks become dynamic new commands. call out song names or partial matches: 2001 aka The Big4Player as in [Stones 68-72] Sticky, Exile, Lib and Beggars. Demo fills in Sticky Fingers and intelligently maps the UI colors based on Album art chosen
  5. SMS,mms,mobilemail real-time lead pushing live, including two way ip tracking lead and rcpt : 2006 to present
  6. SMS,MMS, Email Forging, anonymizing,harvesting,proxying,filtering : 2006 to present
  7. GOP/Health Care Petition HAck with census Bureau Name generation : 2009
  8. charting, sliding, chatting, calling, hacking, harvesting shelling, statistic'ing, anti-viral, networking rerouting, re-framing, and testing, measuring, and testing : always
If you have to don't need to know. Snooping is pointless. You will accomplish nothing and are more likely to break something you dont understand than find something you would Yes rarely acknowledged, destined to be forgotten. Its a goddamn Kurt Vonnegut novel.
Links are to pre-production/alpha concepts of personal business projects. Most begun their lifecycle here Yes some of that is here, its has never been what or where people think. If thats your mission its statistically likely you are a moron, whom logic and truth elude. Learn to ask the right questions, most answers are staring back at you.
The intentionally minimalist exterior Aesthetics are irrelevant, preserving a control environment that minimizes outside data, greatly accelerates development by, reduces errors, and promotes function across platforms